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[Anti-Waste] Organic Cherry Blossom Sencha / Metal box 40g

[Anti-Waste] Organic Cherry Blossom Sencha / Metal box 40g

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This product has a MBD (minimum durability date) of 05/2024.

Blend of organic Japanese sencha green tea with freeze-dried cherry blossom petals.
Cherry blossom sencha is a tea whose fragility can be moving. It elegantly expresses the cherry tree, on the nose through its fragrance, on the palate through its lightness, its sweetness and a total absence of bitterness and tannins. It is intended as much for a moment of serenity during the day as for a teatime , combined not with a rich cake, but with a little crunchy shortbread.

The cherry blossom comes in all shades of pink, but for the Japanese, it will always be an almost white pink, symbolizing by its fragility our ephemeral world and the transience of life.

Net weight - 40g

Ingredient - Green tea (98%), Cherry blossom petals (1%), Natural flavors (1%)

Origin - Japan-Shizuoka


  • Icon 1 Temperature: 70-80°C
  • Icon 2 Time: 60S
  • Icon 3 Dosage: 2g/50ml
  • Icon 5 Organic


  • Icon 1 Bitterness: 2.5/5
  • Icon 2 Sweetness: 3/5
  • Icon 3 Intensity: 4/5
  • Icon 4 Umami: 4/5
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Is it safe to consume expired tea?

Tea often comes with a date on the package. However, contrary to popular belief, this date does not mean that the tea becomes unfit for consumption.

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