🏝 Spécial Été 🏝  À consommer sans modération en été : le thé glacé !

🏝 Summer Special 🏝 To consume without moderation in summer: iced tea!

Tea is not a drink only served hot, iced tea is delicious, especially when the temperature soars.
All you need is a tea bag, cold water and a few ice cubes to enjoy the feeling of freshness. Contrary to popular belief, tea leaves infuse very well in cold water.

All green teas are suitable for iced tea; THE sencha , the genmaicha - green tea with puffed rice -, the yuzu sencha - green tea flavored with yuzu - even the gyokuro . The latter, who does not like very hot water for infusion, is still best when the leaves are infused with a few ice cubes.

Cold infusion is also interesting in flavor, because it limits the bitterness typical of green tea, while retaining the natural umami of the leaves.

Some Parisian restaurants have already adopted Jugetsudo iced tea and offer it to be enjoyed during the meal: KEI , Akira Back Paris , Yen , Benchy , Ippudo , Enni Udon etc.

“Leicha 冷茶” in Japanese, iced tea can be enjoyed all day long without moderation!

Preparing iced tea

  1. Put a tea bag in a carafe and pour 150 ml of cold water.
  2. Infuse well, stirring with a spoon, for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Serve with ice cubes.
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