Thé primeur 2023

Early tea 2023

After a long journey before arriving in Paris, finally here it is!
The new Satsuma tea vintages!

Tea plant buds begin to form in the fall, spend the winter tightly closed, and open at the end of March and beginning of April. The shoots have a very particular sweet flavor because they contain a lot of theanine that has survived the winter. Our early green tea is carefully prepared with these first shoots.

The tea leaves Oo Hashiri » have just been harvested around mid-April 2022 in the Satsuma region (Kagoshima prefecture) on the island of Kyushu (southern Japan). The very mild climate of this Satsuma region favors the development of sweetness in the tea leaves.

Oo Hashiri ” tea is the first of the year and the fresh taste of the young leaves will be more pronounced in the mouth.

Information at: 01 46 33 94 90 or

Good tasting!

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