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The Japanese teapot is a beautiful blend of functionality and artistic craftsmanship. It typically has a handle for easy pouring and a spout to control the flow of tea. The lid fits snugly to prevent tea leaves from escaping while pouring.

These teapots are often made from various materials, with clay and ceramics being the most common choices. The porous nature of these materials helps retain the aroma and flavor of the tea, enhancing the overall tea-drinking experience.

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Experience the art of tea with Jugetsudo's exquisite tea ware collection. Crafted with precision and inspired by centuries of Japanese craftsmanship, our tea ware combines beauty and functionality. Indulge your senses with delicate porcelain teacups and traditional teapots. Elevate your tea rituals with our diverse range of designs. Discover the enchantment of Jugetsudo's tea ware and celebrate beauty and serenity with every sip.

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