Est-il sûr de consommer du thé périmé ? Comprendre la Date de Durabilité Minimale

Is it safe to consume expired tea? Understanding the Minimum Durability Date

Is it safe to consume expired tea? Understanding the Minimum Durability Date

Tea often comes with a date on the package, known as the Minimum Shelf Life Date (MBD). However, contrary to popular belief, this date does not mean that the tea becomes unfit for consumption once it has passed. In this article, we will explore the details of this question.

What is DDM?

The DDM, formerly called the Best Before Date (DLUO), is an indication on non-perishable products, such as tea. It is not an indicator of health hazard, but rather a measure to ensure optimal quality in terms of flavor and freshness. So even if your tea passes this date, it is still edible.

Can you drink expired tea?

The answer is yes. In general, it is recommended to consume tea within two years of its manufacture to benefit from its best taste and nutritional qualities. However, after this time, drinking expired tea poses no health risk. The main change will be a loss of taste and, potentially, a reduction in certain nutrients. This is due to the oxidation process.

Tips for Storing Tea

Slowing down the effect of oxidation means extending the life of your tea. For this, it is essential to store your tea correctly. Store your tea away from light, humidity, heat and air. This will maintain its quality for as long as possible.

At Jugetsudo, our packaging avoids contact with light, humidity and air as much as possible. In addition we store our teas in the basement, so we keep a low temperature, ideal for conservation.

What to do if the taste of your tea is altered?

If you discover that the MBD of your tea has expired, do not hesitate to consume it, but if its taste is too altered, here are some ideas to put it to good use:

- Burn the tea leaves on a pan to make Hojicha.
- Burn the tea leaves on a Cha Koro to perfume your room.
- Add tea to a bath for a relaxing experience.
- Use it as a natural fertilizer for your plants.


In summary, expired tea remains a safe option and can be used in a variety of ways. The next time you come across an old packet of tea, consider these tips before writing it off as lost.
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