La Maison Pic

The Pic House

A unique gastronomic experience at Anne-Sophie Pic!

Anne-Sophie Pic is the most starred female chef in the world with three stars in Valence for Maison Pic, two stars in Lausanne at the Beau Rivage Palace, one star at Dame de Pic in Paris and two in London! His constant search for new flavor combinations allowed us to meet. Being inspired by Japanese culture and cuisine, she also subtly combines Japanese green tea with her creations. She continues to fascinate us with her innovative culinary inspirations and her delicacy of expression. Our collection of “blend teas” in collaboration with Anne Sophie Pic is also offered to you in the restaurant.

Here are the “ Anne-Sophie PIC blended tea ” collections

Address: 285 Avenue Victor Hugo, 26000 Valence

Telephone: 04 75 44 15 32

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