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Set in Gyokuro / Tokonamé Shimizu Genji Yakishimé

Set in Gyokuro / Tokonamé Shimizu Genji Yakishimé

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The set containing a special teapot for Gyokuro green tea and two small cups made in Tokonamé-Aichi Prefecture by master craftsman Shimizu Genji (1945-) in the Hokujo kiln. The town of Tokonamé is specialized in the art of ceramics and particularly known for the terracotta teapot. Tokonamé is the oldest and most important of the six ancient pottery centers of Japan with Shigaraki, Bizen, Tanba, Echizen and Seto. Ceramics have been produced there since the end of the Heian period (11th century), and traces of these productions can be found in Kamakura or on the northern coast of Honshū. The main characteristic of Tokoname pottery is the use of iron-rich clay from the Chita Peninsula: the iron contained in the clay, combined with the tannins of the tea, would help to soften the astringency and bitterness tea. Tokonamé pottery is now designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Japan. The current Hokujo kiln is run by master craftsman Shimizu Genji.

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Contenance: 50ml
Dimension: 10\.5 x 10 x 4\.8 cm, 5\.8 x 5\.8 x 4\.5 cm
Origine: Japan-Aichi
Poids net: 201g
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