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Set in Gyokuro / "Akane" Kohiki

Set in Gyokuro / "Akane" Kohiki

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The set composed of a special teapot for Gyokuro green tea and two small Mino-yaki cups made by Shinji Akane (1960-), traditional master craftsman in Toki in Gifu prefecture.

The "Kohiki" style, characterized by its warm white color, is one of the most representative techniques of Mino ceramics. The base clay is coated with white mud called “shirokesho” (white makeup), and finished with a transparent glaze. Originally from Toki City, the production center of Mino ceramics and the "largest producer of ceramics and porcelain in Japan", Shinji Akane chose local coarse-grained "Gotomaki" clay from Mino and sought to create tableware that is rustic, warm, and easy to use.

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