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Ninshu cup / "Mimosa"

Ninshu cup / "Mimosa"

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Yellow ceramic cup made by Ninshu in Kyoto.

Built in 888 in Kyoto by Uda, the fifty-ninth emperor of Japan, Ninna-ji is still revered today as the first of the imperial temples.
In 1647 Emperor Yozei built a kiln in the temple garden and called a famous ceramist named Nonomura Seiyemon. Thus begins the history of Omuro ceramics and that of Ninsei, the artist name that Nonomura Seiyemon (Seiyemon of Ninna-ji) now takes.
Ninshu ceramics still perpetuate Omuro ceramics today and are the only ones officially recognized by Ninna-ji.
With the help and alliance of Jugetsudo Paris and Maruyama Nori, we are offering our products for the first time outside of Japan. All our pieces, handmade and turned, are intended for the most diverse uses; they know how to adapt to the lifestyles, culture and tastes of users. As you wish, you can pour sake, coffee, wine, soup, or put flowers in it.
As part of this collaboration, we have established a special glaze recipe, which gives our products deep, indefinable colors. After cooking, each of these pieces is original and naturally different from all the others. Take one of them in your hands; you will then feel a unique experience.
The golden chrysanthemum mark on the box signifies that Ninshu is the sole manufacturer-supplier of Ninna-ji Temple ceramics; it is guaranteed authenticity and high distinction.

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