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Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Shikunshi" Ryusen Sagami

Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Shikunshi" Ryusen Sagami

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Kyo-yaki matcha bowl with patterns of plum blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids and bamboo made by Ryusen Sagami (1950-) in Kyoto.

A “Kunshi” designates a highly virtuous, pure and noble personality. The main characters of a Kunshi are said to be found in the following four plants: the orchid represents dignity with its subtle fragrance; bamboo growing vertically without bending and remaining green in the cold indicates a straight heart; the plum tree evokes strength because it is the first to bloom in the snow to announce the arrival of spring; Chrysanthemum is considered a longevity flower that fills with energy and chases away evil spirits. Thus, they are distinguished as four kunshis (Shikunshi) among plants and trees. These plants also symbolize the four seasons.

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