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Matcha Bowl / “Oribé” Kôzô Kato

Matcha Bowl / “Oribé” Kôzô Kato

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Oribé-yaki matcha bowl made by Kôzô Kato (1935-) in Tajimi, in Gifu prefecture.

Oribe is a type of pottery produced mainly in the Mino region from the Momoyama period (around 1605).
Oribe tableware is characterized by its novelty: the use of distorted shapes and bold patterns, such as checkerboards and geometric patterns, represented a significant departure from the orderly teaware that had been produced up to that point. The most distinctive feature of Oribé ceramics is its deep, dark green color.
Furthermore, the artisan Kôzô Kato is recognized as a living national treasure for his Setoguro technique.

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