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Matcha bowl / Raku-yaki "Kangetsu" Tsutsu

Matcha bowl / Raku-yaki "Kangetsu" Tsutsu

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Raku-yaki black cylindrical matcha bowl with winter night moon motif made by Keiraku Ito, in the Katsura kiln in Kyoto.

Raku ceramics are characterized by the production techniques of tezukune molding (hand kneading) and low temperature firing (750°C - 1200°C) in a small kiln. Tezukune molding is a method of making pottery that involves kneading clay by hand without using a potter's wheel, then shaping it by scraping it with a spatula. The marks made by scraping with a spatula are a distinctive feature of each Raku piece and constitute a striking element.

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