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Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Gossekku" Zensho Yamaoka

Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Gossekku" Zensho Yamaoka

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Kyo-yaki matcha bowl with motif of five seasonal plants and Seigaiha (sea wave) made by Yamaoka Zensho (1942-), traditional master craftsman in Kyoto.

Gossekku refers to the five traditional Japanese seasonal festivals of praying for a good harvest, good health and prosperity of one's descendants, and to ward off evil spirits. The five motifs represent: pine for the New Year, peach blossoms for Girls' Day (March 3), Iris flowers for Boys' Day (May 5), bamboos for Tanabata Festival (July 7), and chrysanthemum flowers for the Choyou festival (September 9). The Japanese thus express their wishes by appreciating the generosity of nature throughout the year.

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