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Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Kukurizaru" Kôun Miyagawa

Matcha bowl / Kyo-yaki "Kukurizaru" Kôun Miyagawa

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Kyo-yaki matcha bowl with "Kukurizaru" (tethered monkeys) motif made by Kôun Miyagawa (1938-) at the Ryukoku kiln in Kyoto.

The “kukurizaru” depicts the image of a monkey stuck with its arms and legs tied around it.
The running monkey is compared to human "desire", while the image of a tethered and immobile monkey signifies the suppression of desire. By writing a wish on this "Kukurizaru" and hanging it, it is said that "by holding a wish, a wish will come true."

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