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Matcha bowl / "Sasa" Donna-yaki

Matcha bowl / "Sasa" Donna-yaki

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Donna-yaki matcha bowl with bamboo pattern made by Donna Oono (1885-1951), famous Japanese ceramist.

Donna Oono was born in 1885 in Toki in Gifu Prefecture, the center of Mino ceramic production. As a child, he learned about pottery and, around the age of 20, he became a turner and founder. Recognized for his work by Takashi Masuda, Donna became an official artisan of the Masuda family: a great businessman Takashi Masuda aka Donno Masuda was a renowned tea master, described as "the greatest tea master since Sen no Rikyu ". Donna demonstrated her skills by taking the masterpieces owned by Donno Masuda as reference.
Bamboo, an essential plant in the lives of the Japanese, is a very auspicious symbol. The fact that it grows straight towards the heavens, with rapid and vigorous growth, represents nobility and strength. When bamboo is cut, it splits straight and the inside being hollow, indicating an honest nature that has nothing to hide. This plant is also a symbol of purity, eternity and immortality, as it is always green during the cold winter, even under the snow.

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