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Wooden tea box / OBIZUTSU cherry wood "Sakura" (P)

Wooden tea box / OBIZUTSU cherry wood "Sakura" (P)

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Cherry bark tea box from Fujiki Denshiro Shoten.

Kabazaiku products are made from the bark of mountain cherry trees. The word “kabazaiku” is said to have its origins in a long poem in the Japanese poetry collection Manyoshu, in which mountain cherry trees were described as “kaniha”, a word which was later transformed into “kaba”.
Since its founding in 1851, in the city of Kakunodate (Akita Prefecture), the house continues to create high quality kabazaiku.
The inner casing is made of plain bark polished from the surface of wild cherry bark. You will be able to appreciate the unique expression of the knots in cherry bark that appear when it is polished. The luster will increase the more it is worn and the more you use it, the calmer it will become.

Product Details

Contenance: 100 g of tea
Dimension: φ 8\.2 x H 9\.3 cm
Origine: Japan-Akita
Poids net: 95g
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