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CHA KOURO NABAN / Tea burner

CHA KOURO NABAN / Tea burner

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The CHA KOURO stoneware tea burner made in TOKONAME

CHA KOURO, or "Japanese aromatherapy", is a method of aromatic therapy where tea leaves are heated to appreciate their scent. This technique, which uses the flickering flame of a candle, is known for its relaxing effect. The aroma of green tea, notably the leaf alcohol ("aoba alcohol"), and linalool, a component also found in lavender, offer a calming effect. In addition, green tea catechins, known for their strong deodorizing power, are particularly useful during the rainy season or to neutralize cigarette and animal odors.

Here are the tips for use:

  1. Choose a safe location: Use the CHA KOURO in a safe location, away from flammable materials, children and pets, and away from drafts.

  2. Light the candle: Light a tea light inside the CHA KOURO carefully.

  3. Place the tea leaves: Put about a tablespoon of tea leaves on the CHA KOURO cup.

  4. Enjoy the Aroma: Relax and enjoy the soothing aroma of heated tea leaves, accompanied by the glow of the candle.

  5. Infuse the heated leaves: After enjoying the smell, take the cup using its small handle. Then place the heated leaves in your teapot to steep the leaves.

CHA KOURO offers a unique experience to enjoy the aromas of tea and create a relaxing atmosphere. Experiment with different types of tea leaves, herbs, or even coffee to personalize your Japanese experience.

Safety instructions :

  • Be careful with fire: Use the CHA KOURO away from flammable materials, out of the reach of children and animals, and avoid using it at bedtime or in windy places.
  • Precautions: The pot heats up to high temperature. Do not touch it during use. Allow it to cool sufficiently before changing the tea leaves.

Note that unlike an aromatherapy pot, the CHA KOURO does not need water and operates at a higher temperature.

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