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[Anti-Waste] Sencha Excellence / Tato Miyo no Hikari Case 20g

[Anti-Waste] Sencha Excellence / Tato Miyo no Hikari Case 20g

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This product has a MBD (minimum durability date) of 05/2024.

Distinguished by the Emperor's Cup, this supreme quality green tea is the pride of the Nakayama cooperative in Sayo-Nakayama, in the Kakegawa region in the Shizuoka department. These first shoots have a very special sweet flavor. Our Miyo no hikari green tea from the first shoots is highly prized for its rarity. Only the first two shoots are retained, as well as the main shoot, which comes in early spring. The picking is of course done by hand. Subsequently, the leaves are gently steamed. Thanks to organic cultivation methods, the tea acquires an even smoother and deeper taste. The steaming process must be done slowly if you want to find the right balance between sweetness and harshness.


  • Icon 1 Temperature: 70-80°C
  • Icon 2 Time: 60S
  • Icon 3 Dosage: 2g/50ml


  • Icon 1 Bitterness: 1/5
  • Icon 2 Sweetness: 4/5
  • Icon 3 Intensity: 0/5
  • Icon 4 Umami: 4/5
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Is it safe to consume expired tea?

Tea often comes with a date on the package. However, contrary to popular belief, this date does not mean that the tea becomes unfit for consumption.

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