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Gyokuro Misho / Traditional metal box 45g

Gyokuro Misho / Traditional metal box 45g

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Paulownia box box containing a very refined traditional Japanese Washi (Japanese paper) box by Gyokuro Misho.

This tea has a less milky, thicker and syrupy appearance than other Gyokuro. It is completely clear, as liquid as water, while remaining full of aromas, and is therefore particularly thirst-quenching. When the first buds grow, the tea plant is deprived of sunlight. This gives Gyokuro tea a pleasant taste and intense flavor. A melting sweetness is released in the mouth. Ideal to accompany an exceptional moment or simply at tea time.

Weight - 45g

Ingredient – ​​Green tea

Origin - Japan-Uji in Kyoto


  • Icon 1 Temperature: 60°C
  • Icon 2 Time: 120S
  • Icon 3 Dosage: 2g/15ml


  • Icon 1 Bitterness: 2/5
  • Icon 2 Sweetness: 3.5/5
  • Icon 3 Intensity: 3.5/5
  • Icon 4 Umami: 3.5/5
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