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Anne-Sophie Pic / Bo Hojicha Coffee 50g

Anne-Sophie Pic / Bo Hojicha Coffee 50g

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Bo hojicha is roasted slowly and possesses flavours of different cereals. Unlike Hojicha, it is made using the stems of the tea plant. Its grilled taste is very subtle. Anne-Sophie Pic has chosen to mix this tea with a refined and well-balanced Arabic coffee, the coffee of the Monts Amaro, which is grown in Ethiopia. The blend develops aromas of red berries, flowers and licorice.


  • Icon 1 Temperature: 100°C
  • Icon 2 Time: 60S
  • Icon 3 Dosage: 2g/100ml


  • Icon 1 Bitterness: 1/5
  • Icon 2 Sweetness: 2.5/5
  • Icon 3 Intensity: 2.5/5
  • Icon 4 Umami: 1/5
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